Bernhard Russow



The MoVI allows running any preferred setup from Sony and Red to Alexa Mini with Cinema lenses. Accomplish added control by operating remotely with a second person.

This enables one operator to concentrate on framing and the other on maneuvering, allowing for unrestricted and incredible 3-axis camera moves on different devices on set. Also, it can be used as a remote head on handheld, crane, dolly, a car rig and more.With special quick release systems i am able to switch from gimbal to handheld or tripod mode in only TWO MINUTES.

  • MoVI Pro, MoVI Controller, Mimic
  • Gimbal Quickrelease System
  • EasyRig Stabil, Puppeteer
  • Black Arm & Tranquilizer
  • Wireless Follow Focus
  • Small HD 502 & Small HD 702, TvLogic 7
  • Inertia Wheels
  • Teradec 500
  • 8 Astera Light Tubes